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Drivers are shielded from debris and other road hazards, but for motorcyclists, debris in the road is a serious concern — and a common cause of injury. As a motorcycle rider, I am very familiar with the dangers that road hazards pose to bikers. I am attorney "Motorcycle Mike" Levine, representing injured motorcyclists in New York since 1985.

Common Road Hazards Leading To Accidents

Hazards in the road can lead to a collision with other vehicles, as well as single-bike accidents. In the case of single-bike accidents, bikers are often presumed to be at fault. However, road hazards are a common cause of single-bike accidents. By thoroughly investigating the accident, I can determine whether a defect in the road was the cause of your accident.

Road hazards that can lead to injury include:

  • Loose gravel
  • Potholes
  • Unmarked curves
  • Uneven pavement
  • Debris leftover from construction work
  • Obscured road signs

Suffolk County Can-Am And Trike Accident Lawyer

Road hazards pose a danger to Can-Am and Trike riders just as much as they do motorcycle riders. Regardless of the type of bike you ride, you have the right to seek compensation if a defect in the road caused your injury. As a motorcycle rider and a Long Island road hazards lawyer, I am often able to identify road hazards more quickly than other attorneys who are not motorcyclists.

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