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Long Island Single Motorcycle Accident

When motorcyclists are injured in single-bike accidents, police officers and insurance adjusters are often quick to pin all of the blame on the motorcyclist. However, single-bike accidents frequently stem from factors outside of the motorcyclist's control. When you're injured in a single-bike accident, it's important to work with an attorney who knows what to look for when investigating the accident. As a motorcyclist, I am well equipped to investigate single-bike accidents and represent injured riders. I am attorney Michael "Motorcycle Mike" Levine. Since 1985, I have been representing motorcyclists who were injured on New York's roadways.

Suffolk County Accident With Motorcycle

The police report from your single-bike accident may say you are at fault, but this is not necessarily true. I will investigate your accident to determine whether defects in your equipment, hazards in the road or other factors were the cause of your accident.

Too often, biases against motorcyclists cloud judgment, leading people to assume that as a motorcyclist, you must be at fault. However, you have the same right to seek legal action and compensation as anyone else on the road. I am prepared to take action to enforce your rights and pursue the full measure of damages that your case deserves.

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If you were injured in a Long Island single motorcycle accident, you will want to contact a lawyer — why not contact a lawyer who is also a motorcycle rider, who understands the hazards and challenges that you face every day? Contact my office at 866-639-5567 to schedule a free initial consultation.