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If you were hit by a car while riding your motorcycle, the driver may claim that he or she simply didn't see you. However, whether this is true or not, it is usually the motorist who is at fault — and failure to take notice of motorcyclists is no excuse for causing serious injury. When you are injured, it's important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney. I am attorney Mike Levine, and I have been representing injured motorcyclists since 1985.

Hit By A Car In Suffolk County

There are many reasons why a motorist may fail to take notice of you while you are on your motorcycle. The driver may not have seen you because you were in a blind spot in his or her field of vision. If the accident took place at night and your bike has a single headlight, the driver may have failed to identify your motorcycle the same way he or she would have identified another car. Or, it is possible that the driver didn't see you because he or she was busy sending a text message.

In any case, you have a right to pursue compensation. As a motorcyclist myself, I understand the challenges you face on the road and am prepared to take action on your behalf.

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As a lawyer, I represent clients throughout New York City and Long Island who are injured in bike crashes. I take injury cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay a fee unless we successfully obtain compensation. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact me at 866-639-5567.