If You Were Injured On A Work Site

You Need The Right Attorney
On Your Side

Workers Comp Isn’t Your Only Option After A Construction Accident

Construction is dangerous work. As a matter of fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s some of the most dangerous work there is; ranking well within the top 10 most dangerous professions in America. Workers clock in every morning with a firm knowledge of this truth. Thankfully New York’s labor laws are generally very friendly to workers. Workers Compensation can provide very important benefits, but did you know that it doesn’t cover pain and suffering? It also may not cover many expenses that arise from, and continue on after an accident. It is in no way all-encompassing. In New York, it’s possible to bring suit against site managers, tool manufacturers, developers, and site owners in the event that any one of them causes an accident through negligence. Workers Compensation isn’t your only option. The right attorney can hold these parties responsible, and win recoveries to compensate for every expense, as well as lost wages, future lost wages, and pain and suffering. Every worker owes it to themselves to explore their options in the event of an accident, and I am on your side to help you do that. 

Types of Construction Accidents