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Winter & Motorcycle Insurance

Fire in a small building or storage unit

Don’t Cancel Your Motorcycle Insurance During The Winter Months

When your bike is stored away during off-season months, there are risks involved in having no insurance coverage:

  • Theft: If someone steals your motorcycle, your investment could be lost. Unless your bike is somehow recovered and returned in one piece, you have no recourse without motorcycle insurance.
  • Fire: If the space your bike is stored in catches fire, you need an active motorcycle policy with *comprehensive coverage to pay to repair or replace your bike.
  • Snow and ice: Winter weather can cause a significant amount of harm to your garage, shed or carport, which could damage your motorcycle.
  • No coverage for unseasonably warm days: You may be tempted to hop on your motorcycle for a rare good weather ride during the winter months. If you do not have insurance coverage, you should not be out riding your motorcycle.
  • Possible price increase: There’s no guarantee your policy’s price will be the same when you need to insure your motorcycle again.

*Comprehensive coverage should be added to all your vehicle policies as an added safety net for accidents involving “acts of nature”, especially if you do not have collision coverage.

Resource information provided by https://www.progressive.com/answers/cancel-motorcycle-insurance-in-winter/ As with all insurance, check with your own policy provider for details specific to your insurance coverage.